What Makes First Assembly Healthy?








  1. Empowering Leadership:  
  • The match of Pastor and Congregation
  • Delegation and sharing of ministry
  • Leadership through Vision
  • Leadership through Mentoring and Equipping
  • Leading Change
  1. Gift-Oriented Ministry:
  • Understanding your gifts
  • Matching of gifts to task
  • Significance of service
  • Coaching: Are people supported, trained, and challenged?
  1. Passionate Spirituality:
  • Personal spiritual disciplines
  • Corporate spiritual disciplines
  • Contagious faith
  1. Functional Structures:
  • Organizational structures and systems
  • Leadership Oversight, Vision, Goals and Planning
  • Creativity and managing Change


  1. Inspiring Worship:
  • Feelings of being inspired
  • Care for children
  • Life-Transforming preaching
  • Visitor friendly
  • God-Centered and Celebrative music
  1. Holistic Small Groups:
  • Atmosphere of transparency, sharing and trust
  • Spiritually oriented
  • Meeting Felt needs
  • Relevant to daily life
  • Guest sensitive
  • Multiplication of disciples, leaders and groups
  • Active Participation of group members
  1. Need-Oriented Evangelism:
  • Personal evangelism
  • Corporate evangelistic Strategies
  • Seeker awareness
  • Assimilation of new Christians
  1. Loving Relationships:
  • Atmosphere of joy and trust
  • Interdependent relationships
  • Affirmation and Confirmation
  • Intentional conflict resolution


  1. REAL Programs that promote Jesus (need-oriented evangelism):

RRelevant to the Culture

  • “The Pattern — ways in which People relate” (Leith Anderson)
    • Age groups
    • Subcultures (globally and locally)
  • Relating to a Postmodern culture
    • No Moral absolutes
    • Globalization of cultures
    • Polarization on issues of morality
  • Making the Connections
    • With the Culture
    • The culture with Christ

EEffective in our Commission (bringing people to Christ) 1Cor. 9:23

  • The church has supernatural Purpose  (Mark 16:15-18)
  • The church has supernatural Power (Acts 1:8)
  • The church is supernatural People (Matt. 16:18-19)

A  – Accountable to our Christianity (the message we preach)

Jesus is always at the Center

We are always Clear about Jesus

  • His Person
  • His Power
  • His Practices

We always have the Compassion of Jesus

  • Going into the community
  • Seeing the need
  • Doing something about it

LLoving in our conduct (motivation for ministry) 1 Cor. 9:19

  • Real love Sees the needs of others
  • Real love Serves the needs of others
  • Real love Saves others


First Assembly exists to be a vibrant, church. This is accomplished by being a balanced church, which in turn leads to a healthy church, which by its very nature will be a growing church.

By doing this we allow YOU to build YOUR life on the foundations necessary for YOU to be a balanced, healthy, and growing Christian.