Our Church History

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First Assembly of God was established in 1922 and moved to its third and present location in 1964.  First Assembly is affiliated with the national Assemblies of God organization headquartered in Springfield, Missouri.  The church is a member of the Potomac District of the national organization.  The senior pastor must hold credentials with the Potomac District of the Assemblies of God.

From 1922 to 2002, there were four senior pastors of the church.  In November of 1999 the previous senior pastor, Dr. Thomas Gulbronson, was severely injured in a fall.  He was unable to resume preaching for about eight months.  His injuries led to his resignation from the church in March of 2002.  The church was without a senior pastor from then until December 2002.

In December 2002, Rev. Wes Johnson, along with his family, moved to Alexandria, VA, and began their ministry at First Assembly of God in January 2003.

Thus, in it’s close to 100 year history, First Assembly has had only five Senior Pastors,  with an average tenure of close to 20 years. We can say with some degree of confidence, based on the church’s history that Pastor Wes is just warming up.

To God be the glory. Amen.