Visitation Ministries


Rev. Gerald Mayhan



To extend God’s love to the elderly, incarcerated and shut ins through the commitment of visitation. (Matthew 20:28).


To bring encouragement, comfort and present the Word of God to meet both the spiritual and physical needs. (Matthew 20:28)  First Assembly understands and takes the Visitation Ministry very seriously by continuing to reach out in three avenues:

  • Nursing Home Ministry
  • Prison Ministry
  • Shut In.

In Matthew 20:28, Jesus said, “Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister….”  Our first priority is to show the love of God and minister by meeting the needs of those in the nursing homes, prisons and the sick and shut ins.

Nursing Home Ministry

On the second Saturday of every month, the team ministers to the sick and the elderly at two local nursing homes. The residents were blessed by the songs, testimonies, prayer, the Word of God and special treats. The team exhibited God’s love and the residents were encouraged especially those who do not receive visits from family or friends. This is a wonderful time of fellowship and building friendships. The ministry of music is one of the highlights that brings great joy and much participation.

Prison Ministry

The prison team continues to visit and minister to those incarcerated both on the city and state levels once a month. All visits are focused on sharing God’s love, the Word of God, praying and leading souls to Christ. Hope and encouragement is brought to the incarcerated.

Sick and Shut-In Ministry

Members of our congregation who are unable to attend church due to health reasons are visited either in the hospital or at home by a Pastor or designated leader of the church. Each person receives God’s love, the Word and prayers as they are going through a difficult time. First Assembly keeps the sick and shut-ins encouraged and connected to the church body.

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