Sunday School Classes

Sunday School

Sunday School is an important part of the ministry of First Assembly.  Our mission is to bring people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Sunday School is part of the growing process.  As we learn what Scripture teaches we are better able to incorporate these lessons in our lives.  These lessons, in turn, help us grow closer to God and to one another.



Kids/Youth Sunday School

Sunday School for Kids begins each Sunday at 9:15 am with classes for all ages.  From nursery to toddlers to Middle School and High School.  Teachers engage the students with creative learning methods and hands-on applications.  The students learn in age appropriate environments with age-specific lessons and are taught by teachers who genuinely care about their spiritual growth.  Classes are 1 hour in length, concluding at 10:15 am.


Masterpiece Nursery

Location:  Nursery
Age:  Birth through Kindergarten

Masterpiece Kids

Location:  Reeves Hall Classrooms
Age:  1st – 5th grade

OneLife Youth

Sunday Morning Locations: Common Grounds
Wednesday Evening Location: Reeves Hall
Age:  6th – 12th Grade

Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School is a great way for adults to grow closer to God and closer to one another.  Several classes are available, and the subject matter changes periodically.  You can find studies on the Bible, Christian topics, family relationships and contemporary issues.  These classes also provide opportunities for fellowship and for service to others. Stop by the Sunday School Office on Sunday mornings to get more information and location of each class. Then, head to the Cafe, grab a cup of coffee and join an Adult class.





Location:  Room 201
Teacher(s):  Charlie Williamson



Location:  Room 203
Teacher(s):  Elizabeth Russell


Hey Jude

Location:  Room 206
Teacher(s):  Elder, William Braxton

A study on the Book of Jude



Location:  Room 207
Teacher(s):  Bill Jewell

Via RightNow Media, J.D. Greear, digs into the text of Ephesians verse-by-verse and challenges believers to live out the gospel. If the people of your city, of your school, of your family are going to hear the gospel, it’s going to be from your mouth. Encounter Ephesians, and get swept up into the story of Jesus.