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Sensitive Areas

Many of the missionaries we support cannot disclose their name and location because of security reasons. These missionaries serve in areas of the world in which the Gospel is not well received, and in many circumstances, Christians are being persecuted. So even though we cannot know the exact situations they are encountering, we can still pray for them for our God in Heaven knows. This page lists prayer needs that many of them have.


Prayer Needs:

  • Protection and health for families
  • Protection of ministry avenues and national associates.
  • Fruitfulness in their labors bringing souls to Christ
  • Growth of the Church
  • Training of national believers to be leaders in the Church
  • Additional workers
  • Anointing, wisdom and discernment in ministry
  • Preparation in the hearts of those who have yet to hear/receive the Gospel
  • Strength in adversity for Believers
  • Presidential elections/governments of countries to open to the Gospel
  • Funds needed for ongoing support of missionaries and their ministries