Becky Mitchell – OFFICE MANAGER

Becky is a woman who is passionate about her God, her family and friends, and ministry!

Since the beginning of her relationship with Christ on Wednesday, November 26, 2008, Becky has not looked back, but only straight forward into the face of Her Lord. She is a woman who has experienced God’s powerful love, been transformed by His grace, and now truly radiates the presence of Jesus! Though the journey has not always been easy, Becky’s walk reflects one who has learned the secret of fully trusting in her God and of surrendered obedience from a grateful heart.

Becky’s commitment and love for God is mirrored in her deep commitment and love for her family, especially her three amazing daughters…Olivia, Tori, and Aaliyah. And, if you are close to Becky as a friend, you can be assured she will be loyal and steadfast, a warrior by your side when times are difficult, a wise and godly counselor during uncertainties, and a bright ray of sunshine to add warmth and laughter to every happy occasion. BTW – Yellow is Becky’s favorite color!

Becky is also a woman who has experienced a lifetime calling to ministry. Becky joined the staff team at First Assembly in 2011 to serve as the Office Manager and Executive Assistant to Pastor Wes. Through the years, she has served in various roles in both the Children’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry. Like a bride being adorned for her wedding, the Holy Spirit is equipping Becky for the unique calling he has placed on her life. And Becky is faithful and diligent in her preparation, too. She is an avid student of God’s Word and shares her knowledge as a gifted teacher leading a Wednesday night Bible Study. Despite all that she does, Becky is never too busy to lift up the name of Jesus or cheerfully serve others.

Becky is a notary for the state of Virginia. She is offering her notary services (for signatures only) to members of First Assembly free of charge.