Freedom In This Life


A word that is taken for granted too often, yet freedom is one of the things that we long for the most.

To be free is to be “clear of obstructions or obstacles; released of something.”

To imagine a life lived in freedom is a life free from our past, free from our struggles, free to move forward in obedience and having nothing holding us back. That is the freedom that Christ offers to us each and every day.

The enemy is always reminding us of what we have done and where we have been, always telling us why we can’t and why we will fail.

But as you read and as you listen, you will hear a little whisper from your Savior and it will simply say, “Freedom.” You are more than what you have done; you are greater than where you have been. You have been purchased; you have been set free.

Live Freely,
Pastor Wes Johnson
Lead Pastor


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