100 Descriptions of God


I have always believed in the power of a name. It goes back to the Old Testament when parents would give their children names that had meaning, and played a role in their character and how their lives were defined. You even saw name changes that took place when various people would surrender to God and they were given a change of name to show a change of heart. We know what God is like, not only by His perfections and works, but also by His names. In Scripture, the names of God are like miniature portraits and promises. In Scripture, a person’s name identified them and stood for something specific. This is especially true of God. Naming carried special significance. It was a sign of authority and power. This is evident in the fact that God revealed His names to His people rather than allowing them to choose their names for Him. So as you read and learn the ‘Names of God,’ remember that each one is not only a definition of His character and nature, but also a promise to you.

For His Glory,

Pastor Wes Lead Pastor



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