Committing to God’s Strategy for Your Life

Current 4 Day Class:

Wednesday, January 14th at 7PM

Wednesday, January 21st at 7PM

Wednesday, January 28th at 7PM

Wednesday, February 4th at 7PM

Location:  Room 202

Real Life

It is our joy to take those interested in becoming Ministry Partners of First Assembly through a step-by-step journey to help them discover who God has created them to be.

In the book of Acts, God gave us the pattern for the New Testament church. It is a Church that moves in the Power of the Holy Spirit and describes how that church is to function and help to mature and grow believers into being fully devoted followers of Christ. It also describes how the local church can function in a healthy way to have maximum impact today.

Through our REAL LIFE Commitments Class, we help believers to discover their unique design in becoming all that God has intended them to be. REAL LIFE helps individuals to answer the questions:

  • “What can I do for God?”
  • “How can I be used if I feel I don’t have any real talents or abilities?”
  • “What is God’s plan or purpose for my life?”
  • “How can I contribute to what God is doing at First Assembly?”

The REAL LIFE Commitments Class process involves a user friendly on-line course, a half-day classroom session, and a 15-minute interview by a Pastor or Elder at the end of the course. Official graduation includes a Certificate of Completion, signed covenants and a formal presentation to the congregation at a designated Sunday morning service.

The REAL LIFE Commitments Class is a pre-requisite to official church membership. If you have not responded to God’s call to discover the plans He has for you, please come and learn through our REAL LIFE Commitment Class.

For questions, please contact the church office at (703) 548-0339 or complete the contact form below.

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Session 1: Introduction Session 2: Foundation
Session 3: Formation Session 4: Facilitation

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Real Life Online Class Exam Passion Assessment Test