Men’s Ministries

mighty-menMission (why we exist):

We exist to honor God by forcefully advancing His Kingdom through organized discipleship, genuine fellowship, service to our church, and outreach to our community.


“Shoulder to Shoulder, Shield to Shield”


Vision (who we are/what we do):

We are the front line protectors and leaders of our families, church, circles of influence, vocations, and community. As such we train and engage in spiritual warfare to provide covering for all whom we protect and lead. We demonstrate God to those around us by showing His love to them in tangible ways. We create top-notch relevant opportunities for men to identify, walk in, and grow in God’s callings on their lives through active participation in real ministry programs and projects. Ourselves being disciples, we disciple other men intentionally by providing them with quality learning environments that build them up as husbands, fathers, leaders, and warriors of God.

The Goals of the Men’s Ministry are:

  • To train, equip, mentor and engage every Christian man such that he is able to provide service and leadership to his family, home, church and community, in a way that honors God the Father and His son, Jesus Christ.
  • To provide opportunity for men to engage in fellowship and social activities aimed at building strong personal relationships and mutual support.
  • To create learning environments and opportunities for men to develop their knowledge and skills of spiritual warfare, family leadership and church stewardship whereby men can assume their God-given roles as husbands, fathers and leaders.