Gerardo Munevar and his wife have been married for 25 years and have four children; Monica, a graduate of Liberty University, Gerardo Jr., who is currently attending VA Tech, Andres and Victoria, who are both currently in High School.   The Munevars have been attending 1stAssembly of God since the year 1996.  During that time they have been blessed to be part of many different ministries throughout the years.

They started helping in the Nursery department and then they started helping with Sunday school for 1st graders up to 5th graders.  Mrs. Munevar was a big part of the Missionette program while both of her daughter were going through the program, helping them both achieve Honor Star graduates.  Mr. Munevar has been a part of the Royal Ranger program.  His sons were also part of the program and have since moved up to the Youth ministry.  Mr. Munevar has also served the Children Ministry as a Sunday School teacher and at Children’s Church as a ministry leader since 2003.

Mr. Munevar’s passion here at 1st Assembly of God has always been working with the children.  His mentor was Pastor Terry Williams who showed him the love of teaching and ministering to the children first hand.  His belief is that we have the responsibility to teach the children of our church to love God first and foremost, knowing that one day we are responsible to God for our teachings to the children.  Our future Pastors, our future Leaders, our future mothers and fathers are in our Children’s church and we need to guide them in a loving way to live by God’s word.

Mr. Munevar gives the opportunity for the youth of our church to assist him on Sunday mornings since many of them were part of 1st Assembly Children’s Church in the past.  He loves to teach and have fun doing it. He believes that games, stories, videos, short lessons keep the kids focused and always willing to participate.  He is like a big kid himself!!  If you would like to be part of this very important and fun ministry, please make sure you contact him.

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